Donald J Stastny

Cascade Sky – Donald J Stastny

I am an architect. My architecture explores space and symbology, translating these factors into built form—and it tells stories about the traditions and values of the people for which we build. My painting is a continuation of those explorations, translated into a two-dimensional medium. This work creates stories that are hidden in the canvas—so that each piece reveals multiple layers of meaning. The joy of painting derives from the serendipity of discovery—how the oil meets the canvas, how the light affects the surface, how stories reveal themselves through the mind. And how each exploration is grounded in a love and respect for the land and water that give us life.

My explorations in sculpting reveal stories that are embedded in, or extend from, the natural forms of the land. Unlike painting, which is limited by the dimensionality that can be created on the canvas, the sculptures invite touching, handling and sensual interaction. The power of a piece lies in its ability to engage—and to enable seeking meaning in the piece beyond just viewing. The interaction of abstraction and realism is purposeful and challenges one to discover the stories held within.