David Evans

David Evans has been photographing the outdoors for over fifteen years. As a college graduation gift, he received a manual single lens reflex camera. With a bit of encouragement from a friend he took several photography courses and has been creating outdoor images ever since. A semi-professional photographer, David specializes in making dramatic images featuring the grandeur of nature, concentrating on the American west.

“I have been fortunate enough to be able to travel extensively throughout the United States and to have enjoyed places that many people never see. Many of the places featured in my photographs can only be reached by miles of walking or paddling.”

David’s love of nature goes back to childhood experiences with hiking and canoeing in the Appalachian Mountains near his Pennsylvania home. As a young adult he took his first cross country trip and was awestruck by the natural beauty of the country. He moved to the Pacific Northwest in 1994 to have easier access to the mountains, oceans, rivers and lakes he enjoys so much.

David is now 43 years old and living in Central Oregon with his wife, 2 kids and two dogs. The six of them spend as much time as they can backpacking, rafting and camping in the beautiful high desert and surrounding areas.