Cheri Hyde

The raw energy of Nature is the primary focus of Cheri’s ethereal and abstract landscape paintings.

Her palette is drawn from the natural colors in the High Plateau of Oregon. Blending various mediums, inks, acrylic and watercolor, Cheri creates merging texture and explosions of color to create energy and expression similar to the striations in the rock of Picture Gorge, the monolith formations at Clarno, and the supple harmony of the Painted Hills. Having lived on the Warm Springs Reservation for seven years, she along with her Native American family and friends, explored unique and rarely seen areas that also influence her artwork.

“The geological ancestry of this land captures my imagination. The look of turbulence in the sky, the great upheaval of rock, ash and the effect of rain and wind that created the land we now see, haunts me. Ancient stories told in the rock, clay and land formations influence me to create an interpretation of the mystery that lies in its creation.”